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UNICOIL Quality Fundamentals

UNICOIL exceeds the expectations of all market segments it serves, e.g., commercial, industrial, consultants. The UNICOIL name reflects its reputation for high product quality, which is based on well established quality fundamentals known to the end users of its products across Saudi Arabia, GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) countries, and regional markets.

UNICOIL considers the basic parameters listed below in designing and testing the quality of its products.


  • Steel Sheet Thickness

    UNICOIL ensures that all of its products adhere strictly to the ordered nominal thickness, and does not exploit the extreme negative tolerance allowed by international standards, since a lower thickness will make a sheet structurally weaker.


  • Lead-Safe Zinc

    In the atmosphere, the service life of zinc-coated steel is a direct linear function of its zinc coating mass, so this parameter is the primary and decisive factor in determining the corrosion resistance of galvanized and prepainted sheet products in outdoor environments. UNICOIL is committed to meeting a minimum of 90 gsm zinc coating mass on galvanized steel and prepainted steel sheets for use in dry climate conditions.


  • Lead-Free Paints and Paint Thickness

    UNICOIL uses only the highest quality paints from reliable international sources and ensures that paint thickness meets international standards. In line with UNICOIL's commitment to manufacturing and social responsibility, the company uses only lead-free paints, since lead is known for its harmful effects on human health, especially children.


  • Place of Origin

    UNICOIL prints its name and the product's place of origin on every linear meter in accordance with its commitment to manufacturing responsibility.


  • Disclosure of Transparency

    UNICOIL is unique in providing the maximum transparency to all interested agencies dealing with its products. UNICOIL identifies each of its products by printing the following information on each linear meter as well as on invoices issued to customers: the company name, place of origin, steel sheet thickness, zinc coating mass, and paint thickness. UNICOIL believes that end users have a right to this information.


    What are GI PTDP?

    Galvanized Steel Products (GI)

    A photograph showing the product marking printed on the top side of a steel sheet, 200–250 mm from the edge:

    Illustrative Sample

    What are PPGI PTDP?

    Pre-Painted Steel Coils (PPGI)

    Photograph showing the product marking printed on the top side of prepainted steel coil at 25–30 mm from the edge:

    Illustrative Sample

    What are RFS PTDP?

    Prepainted Roll Formed Sheets (RFS)

    A photograph showing the product marking printed on the top side of a prepainted roll formed sheet at 10–15 mm from the edge:

    Illustrative Sample

    What are Invoice PTDP?


    An example invoice showing the product details, which are similar to the details printed on every linear meter of galvanized, prepainted steel coil, and roll formed sheet products:

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