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What are Indoor-Stored Products?



Part of UNICOIL's mission is to ensure that materials produced for customers are handled safely, stored professionally, loaded and lashed securely, transported smoothly, and delivered on time in excellent condition.


Warehousing and Storage

Well-Ventilated Sheltered Warehouses

  • UNICOIL takes great care in the storage of each of its finished products, from the moment it is produced until it is delivered to the customer.
  • UNICOIL has modern facilities and storage warehouses equipped with overhead cranes with lifting capacities of up to 20 tons.
  • UNICOIL ensures the safety of its products from adverse weather conditions such as rain, extreme temperatures, and humidity by storing them in areas that are well ventilated, sheltered, and dry.
  • The The Logistics Operations Department of UNICOIL works under established fundamental procedures for monitoring, control, and traceability. It prides itself on speed and punctuality.
PPGI Coil Storage GI Coil Storage Sheet Storage

All manufactured products are stored indoors to protect them from different weather conditions

Internal Handling

  • UNICOIL ensures that products are loaded safely onto delivery trucks using suitable loading equipment such overhead cranes, forklifts, and combilifts.
  • Cargo is secured on trucks with appropriate lashing materials such as saddles, rubber sheets, nylon slings, and chains.
  • Products are well secured and covered by specifically designed high-quality waterproof tarpaulins before leaving UNICOIL premises.
PPGI Coil Storage GI Coil Storage Sheet Storage

Finished products are carefully loaded on the trucks, with high-quality coverings.


UNICOIL's customers are spread throughout Saudi Arabia, the Middle East, North Africa, and even the Far East. Transportation services can be provided to customers if required. This service is extended by UNICOIL to its customers using a network of qualified local and international transporters and freight forwarders.

Highly qualified, reputable, and experienced transporters

The transportation and freight-forwarding capabilities of UNICOIL cover both sea and land transportation to any destination worldwide. Land transportation reaches any point in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East, while sea transportation can reach any seaport worldwide. With timely delivery a prime objective, UNICOIL adopts strict measures when contracting service providers in order to meet delivery-schedule commitments to customers.


Transporation Loading Timing

* Official Time   Saturday to Thursday
7.00 am to 10.00 pm
Through Gate 2
* Applicable to all transport companies

Dedicated Gate for Loading and Unloading

Touch-up Paint

(A free after-sales innovative service solution.)

What is Touch-Up Paint?

As a part of customer after-sales service, UNICOIL strives to develop continuous solutions to meet the needs of its customers in the prepainted galvanized steel industry. The Research and Development Department of UNICOIL has worked with paint suppliers to developed a touch-up paint system that is compatible with the coil coated product. The system meets the requirements of customers looking for touch-up paint to cover scratches and minor damage that can occur during the handling, transportation, and installation of the products. UNICOIL supplies touch-up paint free of cost and advises its customers to read the instructions in the flyer prior to use.


  • Touch-up paint is free.
  • Touch-up paint should be requested in advance along with prepainted galvanized steel and roll formed sheet orders as per customer requirements.
  • Touch-up paint will be delivered by the trucks carrying the customer's shipment.

Click here to view Touch-up-paint video

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