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Maintenance & Repair Procedure

This section of the library provides guidelines for the maintenance and repair of prepainted steel buildings so as to enhance their durability.

  Metal Roof Maintenance Manual
Metal Construction Association

By definition, maintenance is the care and up-keep of an item or property. Maintenance for a metal roof installation includes activities and materials the installer uses which are not directly involved in the installation of the roof system, but rather whose purpose is to protect and maintain the appearance and performance of the roof system as originally designed....

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  Recommended Procedure for Maintenance and Repair of PPGI
Universal Metal Coating Company Ltd. (UNICOIL)

This following guidelines are to be recommended to ensure metal buildings using Pre-Painted Galvanized steel remain in good condition. Factors that most affect the long life of a roof or a wall are the original design, the environment of the installation and the maintenance of the installation. ...

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  Care and Maintenance of Galvanized Steel
Galvanizers Association of Australia

The following information offers some guidance on the general care and maintenance of hot dip galvanized steel products. • Avoid long periods of exposure of your galvanized steel product to environments where the pH is below 6 and above 12. Outside the range of pH 6-12 the galvanized coating can suffer greater corrosion than normal...

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