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UNICOIL genuinely believes that a healthy employee is a happy and productive employee. Its Health and Safety Program is designed with the employee in mind.

  • UNICOIL pays the utmost attention to the occupational hazards of its employees. It has identified employees who are exposed to elevated levels of heat, fumes, and noise. These employees undergo regular annual checkup tests designed to check their exposure levels and possible personal risks.
  • UNICOIL cares for the personal health of each individual and provides its employees with the best possible medical insurance in well-provisioned and convenient medical facilities.
  • While UNICOIL takes safety at work seriously, it also prepares for any eventuality. It has a qualified Safety and Security Team trained to react proactively to prevent accidents and act decisively in times of emergency. First-aid cabinets are strategically located throughout all company premises, and each area has at least one employee trained in basic life support and first aid. Its ambulance is at all times ready to convey employees to the nearest medical facility should the need arise.

Well-trained personnel and emergency equipment are always available in case of any emergency

It is unrealistic to expect accidents not to happen especially within industrial sector, that's why and as part of UNICOIL's responsibility towards its employees in creating a safe and healthy workplace free of occupational hazards, UNICOIL has a well-equipped with medical and First Aid clinic personnel & supplies commensurate with the hazards of the workplace.


UNICOIL is proud of meeting the requirements of Environmental, Occupational Health & Safety Management Systems Standards and of being ISO 14001 accredited:

The Environmental Management System Standards ( ISO14001 )

Issue Date: January 22, 2015

ISO 14001 was developed to provide a management system to help organizations reduce their environmental impact. The standard provides the framework for organizations to demonstrate their commitment to the environment...

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The Occupational Health & Safety Management System Standards
( OHSAS 18001 )

Issue Date: January 22, 2015

The OHSAS 18001 standard (which is also mistakenly referred to as ISO 18001) is internationally accepted as a method of assessing and auditing occupational health and safety management systems. This standard was developed by leading trade and international standards...

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In addition to its total commitment of quality fundamentals in manufacturing its national products of galvanized steel coils and sheet, and SHINKO prepainted steel coils and sheets, UNICOIL emphasizes its commitment to apply the standards that it is accredited with.

Safety is by Choice…Not by Chance

UNICOIL's Safety and Security Team

UNICOIL emphasizes the safety of its employees and visitors. From the time you enter the premises, UNICOIL ensures your safety by implementing various rules and safety procedures for both its employees and visitors.

Although it prepares for any safety-related eventuality, UNICOIL believes that prevention is better than cure. UNICOIL provide tools for educating both its employees and visitors about safety awareness.

  • Safety Newsletter

    A safety newsletter covering different topics is released weekly to UNICOIL employees. This newsletter provides vital information regarding the health and work-related safety awareness of the employees to keep them safe and physically healthy, together with a weather forecast.

  • Safety Handbook

    A safety handbook and leaflets are provided to both employees and visitors for guidance and other information. This handbook contains the minimum safety rules applicable to employees, visitors, students, and contractors performing work within and visiting UNICOIL facilities.


Note: UNICOIL welcomes visitors to its facilities. To arrange a visit, please contact concern for more information.

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