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Steel Color of Your Choice

(Six Standard Colors for Molawan products)

UNICOIL offers an innovative service to our valued customers and end users. Six standard colors for the Molawan products can be supplied within a short delivery lead time with a very low minimum quantity. UNICOIL is the only company that can rapidly supply its customers such a wide range of steel colors combined with flexible order quantities.

What are UNICOIL Standard Colors?


  • Constant availability of the six standard colors (as listed below).
  • Shortest delivery lead time of 7 business days.
  • Minimum quantity of 5 metric tons per color (with a total truck capacity of 25 metric tons).



  • Substrate : Galvanized steel.
  • Metallic coating : G30 (90 gsm).
  • Dimensions : Thickness of 0.32 mm and width of 1219 mm.
  • Primer coat : Nominal thickness of 5 microns on the top surface.
  • Finish coat : Nominal thickness of 15 microns on the top or weather side. The finish coat is available in six standard colors.
  • Backing coat : Polyester-based custom-formulated light gray (Ref. No. 2138). Nominal thickness of 5 microns.

Disclaimer Statement

Colors viewed on this website may vary from the actual product color due to limitations of computer monitors. Ask for a physical sample to ensure that your color requirements are fulfilled.

Touch-up Paint

UNICOIL standard colors are supported by an after-sales service of providing bottles of touch-up paints for treating scratches in prepainted steel sheets, such as may be caused during transportation or customer fabrications.
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What is RAL?

Color Chart

Other than the six standard colors for the Molawan products, UNICOIL also offers other colors from our RAL Color Chart that cover a wider color spectrum:


  • Able to supply most colors from the UNICOIL RAL Color Chart when requested by a customer (refer to the UNICOIL RAL picker below).
  • Precise color matching to any specific color that is not in the RAL Color Chart within 3 working days.
  • Minimum quantity of 25 metric tons per color.
  • Normal delivery lead time is within 4 weeks for other colors.
  • Can supply any color in the paint system indicated below (please click for technical information).

Other colors conforming to the RAL Color Chart or other international color charts can also be supplied. In case of doubt, send a sample chip for color matching.


(Please enter the corresponding RAL Code into the space below to view the color of your choice.)

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